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The Brawl House was home to history Sept. 7 when the Lafayette Brawlin’ Dolls destroyed Dire Skates from Richmond 394-52.

As if the thrashing wasn’t epic enough, the victory guaranteed the Brawlin’ Dolls’ first winning season in its history. At 5-1 with two bouts yet to go, the worst the team can finish is 5-3.

In front of a boisterous home crowd, the Dolls matched up well against Dire Skates, which were skating in its first bout of the season. The Dolls introduced two rookies in Bone Krusha and Arwin LeavinScars along with free agent acquisition Arctic Wolfsbane, who averaged 16 points per jam and dished out brutal punishment when blocking.

Hep T, Thunder & Wolf

Hep T, Thunder & Wolf

The opening jam saw a 25-point grab courtesy of Psycho Socializer and a Dire Skater going down with a knee energy bringing the visitors’ roster down to only nine skaters. This set the tone for the rest of the bout — all Dolls.

The first half was a reintroduction of Rampage who stacked up 47 first half points on her way to a total of 86, second highest after Socializer’s 94. This was Rampage’s best bout since her debut last season.

Gaudy point totals in single first half jams also came courtesy of Coquette Threat (34), Dreaded Thunder (30) and Wolfsbane (30). This led to a 266-19 halftime lead.

While the jammers put up huge numbers, the defense was relentless, often swarming and always dominant. Jammers had huge holes to skate through while Dire Skates jammers had to pick themselves off the track many, many times.

Wolf & Stitchez

Wolf & Stitchez

Dire Skates had more energy in the second half but it was not enough as the Dolls relentlessly poured it on with more impressive jams from Rampage, Thunder and Krusha, whose rumbling style took out as many bodies as the rookie took in points.

This bout saw a lot of penalties and power jams. The action was often chaotic, but the Dolls clamped things down and were usually the more disciplined team.

From the veterans to the rookies, the Dolls showed why they are a winning team — make that the most winning team in Dolls history.

The Dolls finish their home schedule at 7 p.m. Oct. 5 versus Southern Illinois Roller Girls before finishing their season Oct. 26 against Region Rat Rollers in Hammond.

Jamming totals

Psycho Socializer — 6 jams/94 points, 15.67 points per jam

Rampage — 6/86, 14.33

Dreaded Thunder — 8/65, 8.13

Arctic Wolfsbane — 3/48, 16

Coquette Threat — 3/34, 11.33

Bone Krusha — 2/20, 10

Sugar Magnolia — 3/16, 5.33

Bubblegun — 5/16, 3.2

Biscuits n’ Crazy — 2/15, 7.5

Hepatitis T — 1/0, 0

Mad-Eye Molly — 4/0, 0

LBD Team Photo

LBD Team Photo

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