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The Lafayette Brawlin’ Dolls’ perfect season came to an end June 29 when Muncie’s Cornfed Derby Dames’ tough defense and an epic individual performance from jammer OCDiva proved too much for the home team.

LBD! You Know!

Pre-Bout Huddle

Utilizing speed and agility, OCDiva scored a bout high 83 points to propel the Cornfed Derby Dames to a 146-85 victory. While the Brawlin’ Dolls never led, the contest was close, hard fought and full of punishing hits until Muncie pulled away in the final minutes.

The bout was also OCDiva’s final contest as the skater recently announced her retirement from the sport.

Psycho Socializer Power Jam

Psycho Socializer Power Jam

After spotting the Derby Dames an early lead, the Dolls tied the bout and was always just one big jam behind as veterans Sugar Magnolia and Psycho Socializer had their usual tremendous efforts with 24 and 31 points, respectively. The team leaned on second-year skater Rampage more than in recent weeks and the bruising jammer responded with a cool 18-point night.

Pack Action: LBD vs CFDD

Pack Action: LBD vs CFDD

While Muncie delivered strong defense, LBD matched the visitors with punishing blows from Dreaded Thunder, Mad-Eye Molly and Heartless B, who made her home debut after serving as coach the last two bouts. The recently retired Tree Slugger helped Bang A. Rang on the bench in this bout.

Also making a return from “semi-retirement” was veteran Mortician’s Pet, who looked like she did not miss a stride in her numerous jams as a blocker.

Bodies flew everywhere, especially in the second half, during this exciting bout that was played much closer than the final score might suggest.

LBD & CFDD, Post-Bout Team Photo

LBD & CFDD, Post-Bout Team Photo

When OC Diva was not on the track, LBD seemed to have the advantage but OCDiva proved that sometimes an individual effort can shine in a team sport.

The loss brought LBD’s record to 3-1 while Cornfed improved to 4-4.

Jamming stats

Psycho Socializer — 11 jams/31 points, 2.82 jam average

Rampage — 10/18, 1.8

Sugar Magnolia — 15/24, 1.6

Bubblegun — 6/8, 1.33

Dreaded Thunder — 4/4, 1

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