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A new home, a record crowd, a decisive victory.

The Lafayette Brawlin’ Dolls christened its new Brawl House April 20 with a huge 182-92 victory over the Terrorz of Tiny Towns’ Diesel Dolls out of Columbus, Ind.

A packed crowd of over 700 filled the Tippecanoe County Fairgrounds. A long line that almost went to Teal Road was a welcome sight for the skaters as the support helped the Brawlin’ Dolls dominate a bout that looked to be a close contest at halftime but instead became a blowout.

Photo by David Wegiel, Jr., Pinola Photography

The New Brawl House

The New Brawl House at the Fairgrounds

The Dolls’ conditioning, vision and deft coaching from Heartless B. and Bang A. Rang decimated the Terrorz of Tiny Towns, who looked to run out of gas, in the second half. Only Terrorz jammer Semper Fiasco was a threat throughout. However, the lithe skater had her head down and was pummeled by one of Dreaded Thunder’s many vicious hits. That smash seemed to break the visitors’ backs as short jams picked up small point totals but it kept the Terrorz’s score sheet mostly blank in the closing minutes.

Bodies flew and penalties were racked up. But the Brawlin’ Dolls physical presence was too much for the Columbus ladies.

The Dolls’ deep bench of veterans and second-year skaters was also on display. Get Shorty, who is one of several entering her second season on the roster, made her debut jam with a cool 10-pointer. This came after more experienced jammers like Psycho Socializer, Sugar Magnolia, Bubblegun and Rampage feasted on Terrorz for big scores. Blocking by Biscuits n’ Crazy, Coquette Threat, Mad-Eye Molly, Stitchez and Ponn Farr Pixie helped create many seams for the fleet skaters to power through.

Photo by David Wegiel, Jr., Pinola Photography

Tree Slugger Goodbye Bout

Tree Slugger skated for the final time as a Brawlin' Doll

Heartless B and Bang A. Rang seemed to be a step ahead of the Terrorz by juggling lines. Once the visitors got accustomed to smaller, faster jammers, the coaches threw more powerful jammers like Hepatitis T and Dreaded Thunder at them.

Thanks to strong jams by Tree Slugger, Dreaded Thunder and Sugar Magnolia, The Brawlin’ Dolls were pitching a shutout for the first several minutes of the bout. The black and pink were up 31-0 at one point. However, a pair of costly power jams put the Terrorz in a slight lead at 41-39.

But just minutes later, Psyco Socializer’s 15-point power jam brought the home team back in the lead, never to relinquish it thanks in part to Psycho’s 25-point second half power jam.

After a March road victory versus Southern Illinois, LBD has its first 2-0 start of the season in its five-season history.

The April 20 victory had its bittersweet side, though, as Tree Slugger announced that she has skated her last bout with the Brawlin’ Dolls. During her three seasons with the team, Slugger evolved into one of the top jammers on the squad.

The Dolls will try to keep their winning streak alive May 11 against old foe Kokomo City of Fists. LBD has defeated Kokomo in the past but will the success continue?

Bout jamming stats

Player                                                                       Jams/Points                         Points per jam

Psycho Socializer                                                  7/53                                          7.57

Sugar Magnolia                                                       14/43                                        3.07

Tree Slugger                                                              9/16                                          1.78

Rampage                                                                     6/16                                          2.67

Bubblegun                                                                  7/16                                          2.29

Get Shorty                                                                  3/15                                           5

Dreaded Thunder                                                     2/18                                          9

Hepatitis T                                                                    1/5                                           5

Photo by David Wegiel, Jr., Pinola Photography

LBD Huddle

Dominate is LBD's rally cry during team huddles

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