The Brawlin’ Dolls led wire-to-wire in an impressive season-opening road win at the Southern Illinois Roller Girls Saturday (March 2).

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MARION, ILL. — “Dominate” was the battle cry before the bout and it carried over during it.

The Lafayette Brawlin’ Dolls opened its 2013 season with a commanding 190-133 victory against familiar foes in the Southern Illinois Roller Girls. The Brawlin’ Dolls never trailed and Southern Illinois did not come closer than the scoreless tie after two jams and 19-0 after three.

Bubblegun scored the first points of the year with a 19-point jam. The elusive yet tough skater finished with 37 in eight jams, the most jams skated on the team. This performance could take her up the jammer depth chart and it took pressure off of and gave rest to veterans Dreaded Thunder, Sugar Magnolia and Tree Slugger.

A bout-breaking blow came in the form of Sugar’s jaw-dropping 30-point jam, which was only four points from the league record.

The Dolls had perhaps their finest half on the road in team history as they destroyed Southern Illinois on offense and showed tight, disciplined defense. LBD led 117-39 at halftime and domination was in the thoughts of the silent majority of Southern Illinois fans, which looked to be a bit over 200 in attendance.

However, Southern Illinois took advantage of costly LBD jammer penalties by picking up points in bunches early in the second half. The team skating in black and yellow closed the Dolls’ lead to 24 at one point, but the black and pink attack would respond with points just when you felt the tide could turn.

Sugar, who broke the bout open early on, would be the skater to squash Southern Illinois with a definitive 25-point jam in the closing minutes. She finished the bout with a team-high 60 points.

LBD skated nine jammers out of its active 12 skaters in the bout. The balance was remarkable as the Dolls had the fresher legs overall. Hits seemed about even but LBD’s blocking and jamming speed and stamina proved too much.

The core of the blockers consisted of Stitchez, Heartless B and Mad-Eye Molly. The Liberator and Bang A. Rang coached. Vets Psycho Socializer and Biscuits N’ Crazy did not travel with the team.

Southern Illinois will have to wait until Oct. 5 for revenge, when it will face LBD in Lafayette.

The Dolls’ next bout will be the home-opener, April 20 vs. Terrorz of Tiny Towns from Columbus, Ind.

Bout stats
Sugar Magnolia — 60 points/7 jams — 8.57 points per jam

Bubblegun — 37 points/8 jams — 4.63 ppj

Dreaded Thunder — 35/7 — 5

Tree Slugger — 25/4 — 6.25

Rampage — 13/2 — 6.5

Pon Farr Pixie — 8/4 — 2

Coquette Threat — 4

Hepatitis T — 4/3 — 1.33

Get Shorty — 4/4 — 1

Black & White bench photo courtesy of Brandi Wren >>> More Photos

Bubblegun, Mad Eye Molly & Coquette Threat

Bubblegun, Mad Eye Molly & Coquette Threat

Here are some of the highlights from the social media coverage.

Via the LBD Facebook Page

• Sugar Magnolia was our amazing captain. She scored 30 points in one jam, which is only 4 points away from the WFTDA record! She won best jammer and kept us all calm and cool.

• Halftime: 117-39 in favor of LBD. Dreaded Thunder (said in a low growl) scored us 20 points in a jam. My spidey sense tells me the after party is going to be a lot of fun ;)

• Then Tree Slugger scores 10 more! And 2 from Dreaded Thunder. Like this status if you love LBD. Live updates brought to you by LL Cool Bean. More later.

• The first points of the bout scored by fresh skater Bubblegun! 19 points in jam 3!

Sugar Magnolia photo courtesy of Pinola Photography >>> More Photos

Sugar Magnolia in action at Southern Illinois

Sugar Manolia

Via @BrawlinDolls Twitter Account

• Much needed power jam with a methodical Rampage. Hoping to chew some time. Gets 9 points in the process. 165-133 with 1:34 left!

• Bang A. Rang’s scooter for her busted ankle is getting a lot of attention from the announcer. So is her great coaching as Rampage jams.

• So. Ill. getting too close for comfort. LBD up 156-133 with 4:03 left in the bout.

• So. Ill. doing a great job containing Rampage while their best jammer, Moltov, brings the score to a close 152-125. LBD still in the lead.

• Bubblegun’s toughest jam gets a much-needed 13 points. Bout saver?

• Undisciplined play and costly jammer penalties is allowing So. Ill. back in it: 139-111, LBD is still up with 3:49 to go.

• One of LBD’s best halves ever? LBD up 117-39 at halftime. Huge jams and few penalties = huge lead.

• Hit of the night so far: Dreaded Thunder ploughs over a So. Ill. skater without mercy during a 20-point jam. The crowd is absolute silent.

• The only skater with glasses, Tree Slugger making her presence felt with a hard fought 15-point jam. LBD 97, So. Ill., 18. Domination.

• Heartless B is having another commanding performance, taking out multiple skaters. So. Ill. finally gets double digits. LBD leading 44-11.

• Starting lineup: Mad-Eye Molly, Coquette Threat, Bubblegun, Heartless B and jammer Dreaded Thunder.

LBD Coaches The Liberator & Bang A. Rang

The Liberator & Bang A. Rang

Via Tim Brouk on Twitter @TimBrouk

• Sugar Magnolia squashes any comeback with a final 25-point jam. LBD wins 190-133 in impressive fashion. Starts 2013 1-0. #LBD #dominate

• Coquette Threat’s first jam is clutch with 6:40 left. She gets a much-needed 4 points. 156-128. #LBD leads.

• Bodies flying everywhere as things are getting tense with 7:10 left. LBD up 152-128.

• Get Shorty getting some jamming experience to start off second half with a 4-pointer. LBD up 121-39.

• LBD breaks the triple digit mark with with plenty of time left in the first half. Dreaded Thunder destroying skaters galore — 117-24 #LBD

• Rampage is getting that quiet intensity and focus going, which spells trouble for So. Ill. #LBD up 82-18!

• This could go down as LBD’s greatest road effort after 30-point jam from Sugar Magnolia. #LBD up 74-11.

• Hepititus T gets in on the fun with a 4-pointer or her own. Extends the lead to 40-4. Bubblegun lead jammer again. another 4 pointer. 44-4

• First jammer of the 2013 season is Dreaded Thunder!

• LBD skating 12 tonight with Bang A. Rang and Liberator coaching.

Sugar Magnolia

Sugar Magnolia

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